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Glory Hole Meeting


Glory Hole Etiquette

How does it work?

It's essentially meant to bring all your anonymous, mysterious glory hole fantasies to reality!

When you arrive to the studio, I will give you directions to enter, come inside, slide rate through the hole and then slide yourself through the hole as well, and experience one of the most mysterious and erotic fantasies!

What does a Glory Hole Meeting consist of?


The Glory Hole meeting is an oral only experience focusing less on the visual aspect of things and more on touch and sensation.

Meetings are fifteen minutes long.

Where can I finish?

Usually I’ll have you finish in my mouth, but if you prefer elsewhere just let me know!

Can I touch you?

The hole is a decent enough size that touching me is possible, but you'll really only be able to reach from about my chest above.

How many times can I cum?

As many times as you're able too, but bear in mind 15 is not a lot of time. If you come here with the intention of getting multiple orgasms in one meeting, you will most likely be disappointed.

Quality over quantity!

Can I shower/go to the washroom to freshen up?

No, so please make sure you're well showered and clean upon arrival.

Hygiene will absolutely effect the service, so don't skip on this part!

There will be a case of baby wipes there for you to tidy up if needed.


How do I know this is real/safe?

I can assure you I'm a real living, breathing man!

Once you arrive and you're experiencing pure pleasure, you'll relax and feel more comfortable. You'll also be able to see some of my face to see I'm the person in the photos. I promise this is genuine and I provide what I advertise.

You can also check out my Reviews page if you would like more reassurance.

What about the extras?


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